Introduction and a brief History

I have been a physiotherapist for over 37 years, but I have changed considerably since my first few years in practice. It has involved a lot of study, but more importantly, a deeper insight and learning more about the fascinating beings that we are!

At the start of my career, physiotherapy for me was about diagnosing and treating specific physical problems. I have now learn't that physical problems are nearly always the result of what happens to us in our journey through life.

Complementary medicine is not an alternative to mainstream diagnosis, it is just another way of approaching the problem.

In my work I use both analytical and complementary physiotherapy in order to find practical solutions to physical problems. A consultation involves both talking and 'hands on'. I may suggest exercises or a dietary change as homework and my aim is to identify physical conditions and facilitate life changes where they are needed.

I began my career in London with Dr James Cyriax. He taught me quality diagnostic skills at the dawn of the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine - which is now known as The Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine:

Since that time, I have worked extensively overseas and in both the TV and Corporate industries. I also set up and run a complementary health centre in Hackney, London.

I am now living in Lyme Regis, Dorset - from where much of my work is now based, but also commute monthly to London where I have a clinic at The Plane Tree in Bethnal Green:

Major life events have always been the trigger for me to grow and put my toe into new waters, but the constant for me is always nature. It is my vision to share this peace and relaxation with others for the common good.

  • "An hour with Jo means an hour of relaxation - of mind, body and spirit. Take this time to relax, to breathe in only goodness. To be at peace with yourself, others, and the universe. Let go of all negative thoughts and experiences, let your mind stop spinning with all of life's challenges."

    "Rest awhile! Let Jo and her 'magic' teach you how to just 'be' if only for that one precious hour... Make time for an hour with Jo. Do this for YOU. You deserve it too! Enjoy!"

    Dawn E. - Sydney, Australia.
  • "The last two years have been quite a journey in my life and I was fortunate enough to find Jo at the right time. I went into my first appointment hoping the ongoing problem with my hip would get better.

    I came out of my last appointment with a 'new' hip and ready to embrace life and make the necessary changes to move on. I admire Jo not only as an amazing person but for her knowledge in deeper healing. Thank you Jo."

    Kerry C. - Hackney, London.
  • "I started to see Jo at a difficult moment in my life. My body was telling me things were not right. With Jo's skills, sensitivity and humour, I began to address my physical problems, (mainly a bad back) but also the underlying emotional habits which had contributed to my body's dysfunction.

    Jo's input was fantastic."

    Anne M. - Tower Hamlets, London.
  • "I have come to Jo during two stages of crisis in my life, and her wisdom, kindness and guidance have helped me find my way through. Her repertoire of techniques and the creativity by which she deploys them have led me to experience a deep sense of healing and rejuvenation.

    I am very grateful for her support."

    Catherine H. - Hackney, London.